I figured it’s time to put a bit more effort, thought, and information into this little section, so…here goes.

Family legend tells the tale of a young lad teaching himself to read by watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street before entering kindergarten. This young lad discovered comic books, at an early age, which fueled his love of reading. Growing up in a military family, moving from school to school, taught him to make friends quickly which made the lack of roots a bit more bearable. In the fifth grade he was asked to tutor sixth graders in reading as well as being in the ‘advanced’ reading group. Junior high and high school found the young man’s love of reading taking a new twist. After years of reading other people’s stories, he decided it might be fun to write some of his own….so, that’s what he did. To this day the once young man….now a bit older…continues his love of reading and writing as well as making room for other pursuits.

Such pursuits as:

  • Comic books
  • Table top role playing games
  • Video/Computer games
  • Old television shows and movies
  • Old time radio
  • Card games
  • Logic puzzles and ‘locked room’ mysteries
  • Health and fitness
  • Homesteading/Self sufficient living

Having taken a bride, recently, the older man embarks on one of man’s greatest adventures…..marriage! Where will he end up? What will he do? Stay tuned…the answers just may astound you….and him, as well!

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