Under da sea….

Now, if only we could find the peanut butter fish...

Now, if only we could find the peanut butter fish…

My awesome blogging buddy, Jaybird, reminded me that I’d relate my funny (at least to me) “Jellyfish Tale” after we were done with the A to Z Challenge. Well, April is over and so is the Challenge so, I guess this is as good a time as any to relate this short…..but comedic….story.

I must have been about seven…maybe eight…years old and we were living on the Naval Base in Pensacola, Florida. As we often did on the weekends, we took a trip to the beach. I can still remember the white sands and blue-green waters of the Gulf…it was a great beach.

On this particular day, though, as we made our way to find a spot to lay out our towels and umbrella, I noticed a lot of people up by the lifeguard stands. Many were rubbing ointment or some such on their legs and arms. I even saw a couple of grown men crying.


The reason, we found out , was due to an unusually large jellyfish infestation that had moved in and the guards were cautioning everyone who was going into the water to be careful. While I was a bit worried, I still decided to risk it and head into the water. My mom, of course, tried to make me sit on the beach, but my dad was all “Ah, let the boy go in the water…he’ll be o.k…”, so that’s what I did.

The ocean was pretty clear, so I figured I could see any crafty jellyfish trying to sneak up on me and I was pretty vigilant. The more the time went on, the more I figured I was safe and things were going to be o.k….no jellyfish were coming for me this day….so I began to run and swim around a bit more.

I forget, exactly, what I was doing, but as I stood in the water…about knee high…I felt something slowly wrap around my leg. I looked down and, sure enough, saw a clear jellyfish wrapping itself around my leg. Of course, the first thing I did was scream bloody murder and take off towards the beach. I kid you not when I say I was almost running on top of the water. Whatever happened I did NOT want to get stung, so I had to get this thing off of me!

Like a shot, I took off and got to the beach….still screaming “Get it off me, get it off me!!”…all the while picturing those grown men crying from the sting that I knew was coming for me. I ran towards my parents while my mom was running towards me. I then noticed my dad start to laugh.

Here I was, about to get the worst sting of my life. A sting that brought grown men to their knees…..and he’s standing there laughing!

It was about then that I looked down and noticed it wasn’t a jellyfish at all, but a plastic bag that had been floating in the water.

Of course, I laugh about it now….but, back then, it was no laughing matter. I was madder than a hornet, but thankful it wasn’t a real jellyfish all the same.

My parents still think this is a pretty funny “Mark” story, second only to the “Mark, the Puppy, and the Leash” tale that I’ll save for another day. 😀

Until next time….

4 responses

  1. Oh Mark, this was funny.

    I live on the Gulf, and have lived closer to P’cola (in Ft. Walton), so I know those beaches well. There’s always a time of year that jellyfish are prevalent…and another time where green algae is everywhere. But believe me, had any part of that jellyfish touched you, you’d have known it, and not from seeing it do it.

    A plastic bag…hahahahahahaha…ya big ol’ wuss. 🙂

    1. LOL…I know, I know….I was always a jumpy kid 🙂

  2. LMAO! Thank you for this! Made my day! 🙂

    1. Heh, thanks Lela and glad I could bring a little sunshine to ya 🙂

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