Rain, rain…go…somewhere…

What a view...

What a view…


It’s been a pretty dreary past few days down here in “sunny” Florida. Off and on (mostly ‘on’) rain with quite a bit of cloud cover.  The only upside to the weather down here is that it doesn’t stick around for too long….at least, most of the time. 

So, the other day we took another of our famous ‘beach walks’ down at the site of our wedding, South Beach (not the South Beach..we also have one here in Vero), and I snapped a few pics. I figured since I had them on my phone, I might as well share them. Seems like a good a time as any and, since the rain has been putting me in a semi-funkified state…

O.k…I really only took two pictures….one is above…and here’s the other…..





What’s the old adage about ‘if you don’t have anything to talk about, the weather always makes for a good topic’? 

Yeah, this is one of those posts.


Until next time….



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