Thoughts and prayers…



I’m sure we’ve all heard by now, at least those of us who don’t have our heads stuck in the sand, about the terrible tragedy that happened during yesterday’s Boston Marathon.

These type of things always have me asking myself “Why?” and “Who does this sort of thing?”

While eventually I think we’ll find out the “why?” I also think, in this stage of our development as a nation, we all know whom the “who?” may be. Right now it’s just a matter of determining which ‘who’ it is, in this case.

First and foremost, I think it’s of the utmost importance to not jump to conclusions …..regardless of where you may lean, politically.

Do you hear that Chris Matthews

How about we wait and see where the evidence leads us before we start hanging people?


Regardless, my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this horrible, cowardly, tragedy.


Challenge accepted!

Challenge accepted!

 For some upbeat news,  my A to Z Blogging Challenge update:

Yesterday was “M” for Miss America and today was “N” for Nova….check ’em out! 🙂


Until next time…


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