Re-rebooting, again…

Makes sense to me...

Makes sense to me…


Last week, I was talking about our “juice fast’ and how I thought we were doing it wrong by not eating. Doing a bit more research, I’ve found that we were,  indeed, doing it correctly (as a commenter also mentioned) and that there are a few ‘reboots‘ that tell you to eat…but not the one we were trying.

Tomorrow, we’re giving it another go and starting another five day ‘juice fast’/detox. We took a trip down to our local produce place and stocked up….we’re ready to go.

Plenty of juicing and water as we try to give our systems another jump start on the road to getting healthy.


Challenge accepted!

Challenge accepted!

A to Z Blogging Challenge update:

Yesterday was “K” for Kid Flash and today was “L” for The Liberty Legion. Check ’em out! We take a break tomorrow and it should give me time to get a jump on next week’s posts.


Until next time…


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