"This just in..."

“This just in…”

O.k, not really a flash…just a bit of news.

I mentioned, in my last post, about giving the “juice fast” thing a try. Four days in and we’re still doing pretty good. We went to a local produce place and bought tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. They were pretty inexpensive, too…..something else I’m loving about this.

A bit blurry...but you get the idea.

A bit blurry…but you get the idea.

We’ve been juicing fruits and veggies as well as making smoothies along with a lot of water. We’ve also been drinking decaf tea and coffee and ‘treating’ ourselves to one cup of caffeinated coffee per day….but no more than one. I haven’t had a Coke in over a week and haven’t felt any ill effects.

My wife even started her own blog, talking about our adventures in juicing….Juicing with Jackie.

As of this morning, I’ve lost five pounds. Now, granted, it’s probably just waste material (I was in the “can” a lot during day one), but that’s fine…just another sign that the process is cleaning me out.

We’ve also been going for walks everyday….which I’m not so sure is the greatest idea…but I haven’t felt any ill effects from that and I seem to have a lot more energy then I did just a few days ago.

We’re going to keep at it and see how it goes. Tomorrow is the ‘official’ last day of the fast but, if we’re feeling o.k, we may try to go the whole ten days and see how we do.

If you’re interested in the whole “Body Reboot” process, you can check out Joe’s site HERE.


Challenge accepted!

Challenge accepted!


The A to Z Blogging Challenge is still going full steam and it’s been a lot of work, actually. The blogging every day thing is not that big of a deal…I’ve been doing that since January. The tough thing is keeping up on trying to comment on my favorite blogs as well as those stopping by mine. I’m also helping one of the co-hosts by checking the sign ups to see who’s still participating, etc.


Still, though, it’s been great fun and I’ve found a bunch of cool, new blogs to follow…which is the main idea of the challenge, anyway.

My entry for yesterday was Chlorophyll Kid and today was Doctor Occult. If you haven’t already….check ’em out!


Until next time…

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