What’s goin’ on?

It’s a timeless question…there was even a song about it by the late, great, Marvin Gaye. The overall answer is ‘not a lot’, but we have been doing a few cool things around the Means Ranch.

On Saturday we went and saw G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Yo Joe!

Yo Joe!

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but I found it to be a very entertaining movie and keeping kind of/sort of true to the original source material. That’s always a sticking point for me. It had some semi-heavyweight starts in it. Channing Tatum (who I’m not a fan of…by any stretch) reprised his role as Duke, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came on board as Roadblock, and Bruce Willis played Joe Colton……the ‘original’ G.I. Joe.

Willis’ role left me a bit confused though as he didn’t have fuzzy hair or a fuzzy beard…or the scar down his cheek.

The Original Joe

The Original Joe

Meh…what do I know, anyway?

Later that night, we watched a movie on Netflix called Fat,Sick, and Nearly DeadA documentary about Australian, Joe Cross who wanted a healthy change in his life and decided that juicing fruits and vegetables was the way to go. He had a medical condition that caused skin eruptions…sort of like mosquito bites…to form on his skin. The problem being that he didn’t need to be bit by a mosquito to have the lesions appear. The film documents Joe’s journey across the country as he meets different people, inspiring them with his story.



One thing is for sure…it sure inspired us. We’ve already been watching what we’re eating and have been doing a bit of juicing, but this…this challenges you to try a ten day ‘reboot‘ of your system. Basically a juice fast…which we’ve already been doing for one day a week….now, though, we’re being challenged to stretch it out to ten.

So, yesterday, we started our juicing fast. Nothing but juiced fruits, veggies, water, and some decaf tea. We’re going to try for five days first and, if we’re doing o.k, we’ll go for ten. I’ll be keeping you all updated on how we do and I know I’ll struggle with one part, for sure…

….not having coffee!!

Challenge accepted!

Challenge accepted!

Yesterday also started the A to Z Blogging Challenge with my theme “Obscure Superheroes”. My entry for “A” was Adam Strange.

Today was “B” and my entry for that is Black Goliath.

Until next time…


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