The Case of the Partial Post…

No food or drink

“Who ya gonna call?


I just wanted to do a quick follow-up to Tuesday’s post….

The wife and I had a pretty decent detox/fast day…..well, o.k, it wasn’t a total “fast”. We had some gluten-free cheese, a salad, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

I think, all in all, it was an extremely positive experience for us and we plan to do it again next week. I think we’ll be a little more prepared with some pre-juiced stuff as well as some different fruits. Maybe some fruit smoothies to go along with the water?

I know it was just for a day, but I do feel a bit better…not as tired and achy…and, the most important thing, it’s helping to get my mind right.

For me, at least, that’s where it all begins.

Once I have the right mindset, I think the rest will fall into place and make the transition from just “eater” to “healthy eater” all the easier.


Until next time….

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