The Case of the Tasty Traveler…..

My niece….o.k, she’s really not my niece…she’s my best friend’s wife’s daughter (if you can wrap your head around that), but I’ve pretty much known her all her life and her mom and dad are like family to me, so I think I can consider her my niece.

She asked if she could come down for a visit, to which the wife and I said “Of course!”. She then went on to ask if I wanted her to bring a couple of delicacies from Kentucky, that we just can’t get down here in sunny Florida.

Some Skyline Chili and Frisch’s tartar sauce….because, all the best tasting hamburgers have tartar sauce on them, ya know. Both places are institutions in Northern Kentucky, but none conveniently located down here.

I told her that’d be great and expected her to bring a small jar of the tartar sauce and a couple, maybe three, cans of chili.

This is what the kid brought with her…..



I knew she was one of my favorites for a reason…thanks Heather 🙂

Bon apetit’


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