The Case of the Mish-Mash Blog Post….

Well, as the title hints, I don’t have a lot to talk about today so I’ll probably just make this post short and sweet, with a few updates.

Car Troubles

A small follow up to my last post, about my automotive woes, no progress has been made. I went down for my appointment…at 9 a.m, no less, and the place was already packed. At least fifteen people were standing in line, waiting on the three clerks to check them in. I didn’t have all day to hang around, so I just left. I”ll call and reschedule for a better time. Being less patient than I should be, I really don’t like waiting. Especially when I’m paying to do so.


Made, of course, of plastic.

In the Garden

Our tomato plants are at an….odd…stage, I have to say. So far, we’ve gotten a few pretty good blooms off of them. They tasted good, but weren’t huge though, honestly, I’m not sure just how big they’re supposed to get, anyway. The one plant, that wasn’t doing much in the beginning  is now blooming like crazy.

Come on, turn red already...

Come on, turn red already…

We probably have about twenty, small, green tomatoes on it, but they’re not turning red. The leaves started getting these white spots on them…most likely powdery mildew..which can be caused by quite a few things.  The interwebz tells me some sulfur dust is in my plant’s future.

That doesn't look right...

That doesn’t look right…

The other tomato plant looks like there’s a totally new sprout coming up. I’ll have to keep an eye on that one and see how it develops.

A new sprout...or weed?

A new sprout…or weed?

How exciting is my life when some of  my best material involves tomatoes that I’m trying to grow in a bucket??

World of Warcraft

Wow! It’s a panda in a hat!

A topic I really don’t talk about as much as I should, even though it’s something I play quite often. My characters are still chugging along through the new (relatively speaking) expansion, Mists of Pandaria. I have two max level characters and am working on about three more (they’re close). Heirloom gear, and the x.p. boost they give, really help a lot with this. A new patch dropped yesterday and that meant new content which I started on, then decided to wait for the ‘newness fervor’ to die down. Way too crowded, which made it not fun at all. I’m in no rush.


A real mishmash

A real mishmash

As strange as it is to say, I’m kind of proud of myself in that I’ve been able to keep my blogging schedule that I set up in January. Between this and my writing blog, I’ve been putting something up six days a week. That will change during April and the A to Z Challenge. More on that later. I find blogging terribly interesting. In some cases it’s like an online diary and, in others, it’s like a soapbox or a ‘how to’ manual for…whatever. In my case, it’s for the exercise of writing which I need quite a bit of. Which leads me to….


No, my arms aren't that skinny..nor do I have that much hair...

No, my arms aren’t that skinny..nor do I have that much hair…

O.k, let’s not talk about this topic….next!!

Oh, there aren’t any more topics?

Just as well, I said I wanted to keep it short so….

Until next time….


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