The Case of the Ranty Rambler….

So, I’m sitting here….my second (or is it third?) cup of coffee beside me. The steam rising up into the cool, but steadily warming, air.  The sky is blue and the birds are chirping. I’ve just come back in from watering our container tomatoes and noting the newest blooms. If things turn out as I’m hoping, we’ll have quite a few tomatoes from our two plants.

My Google homepage weather widget thingy is telling me that it’s about 75 degrees out….the low today will be around 68. A far (as well as welcomed) cry from some folks in the North who are getting more snow.

As far as I’m concerned, they can keep the white stuff. I’ll stick with the warm and, occasional, rain.

It’s probably evident by now, with all my talk of the weather and tomato plants, that I don’t have a set topic to write about this morning.  So, if you don’t mind, and  from what I can tell of my near non-existent readership here, I’m sure you won’t….I’ll just ramble a bit.



A bit of potential….maybe.


Anyone catch the premier of the new ABC show Zero Hour? While I had pretty much sworn off watching any new series until they’ve established themselves (so I can catch up via Netflix or Hulu Plus), I just couldn’t help but give this one a look. I’m glad I did, though, as it has a real National Treasure vibe to it, without the Nick Cage swagger. It looks like it has the potential to be pretty interesting and I hope they don’t foul it up. Anthony Edwards isn’t one of my favorite actors, but I’m still willing to give the show a shot.



Witch hunters, eh?


I recently saw Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and….ugh. While it wasn’t terrible, per se’, it wasn’t near as good as Van Helsing, a film I had thought this one would emulate. The acting was so-so and the plot was pretty predictable. I also didn’t realize they dropped the “F” bomb so much back in that era….color me puzzled.


I know it sounds like I’m down on Hollywood and that’s because, well, I am, for the most part. It’s a shame, though, because I remember a time when I used to love t.v. And those were back in the days when we only had three…four if you were lucky…channels to watch. I think the glut of channels and “specialty” stations on cable have caused originality to suffer. It seems like, these days, all you need for a “hit” show is to get a bunch of morons together and point a camera at them. Then,as the sparks fly and people degrade down to their primitive instincts, you can sit back and say “Now that’s good t.v.!!”

An industry where a show like “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” can be a hit isn’t one I’m going to put a lot of faith in….just sayin’.

It seems like my ‘ramblings’ have turned into a ‘rant’, which wasn’t my intention, so we’ll leave the sad state of affairs in Hollywood and talk about something else….something totally random like…..


….Roller Derby!!



Sounds like a wholesome group of young ladies…


Down here in Vero Beach, we have our own roller derby team…the Vero Vandalettes. My wife and I have been saying, for over a year, that we’re going to go a match, but haven’t made it yet. I find it a very interesting sport, though I’m not real clear on all the rules. From the looks of things, though,  it’s action packed and never a dull moment, I’m sure.

After we get the chance to get to a match, I’ll make sure I do a full report for all you derby fans out there.

Maybe on Saturday I’ll talk about cartoons, or comic books, or Leathermen tools, or something…..


Until next time…



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