The Case of the Clandestine Character….

As many of you probably already know….because I talk about it all the time….I live in central Florida on what they call the “Treasure Coast”. I’ve always wanted to live in a town that had the word “beach” in it…and now, I do.

Vero Beach is a great place and, besides the sun, temperate climate, and nearby beach (see?), it’s only about an hour and a half from Disney World.

Before I moved down here, I had never been to DW before so, after my first time there, I was hooked. It’s an absolutely awesome place and I don’t think I’m exaggerating (much) when I call it “magical”. Now, the first time we went there I was expecting to see all sorts of Disney characters from the past and present. I mean, they still have Goofy there and he’s been around forever. In keeping with this line of thinking, I figured I’d also see one of my all-time favorite Disney characters….the Terror That Flaps In The Night….Darkwing Duck!


Much to my dismay, I never saw him that first trip. Or on any consecutive other trips. I couldn’t even find any merchandise featuring the Crimefighting Quacker. Not to be beaten, though, I sent an e-mail to the Disney people, asking why Mr. Mallard (Drake Mallard…DW’s secret i.d.) was nowhere to be found on the premises. To this day, I have to wonder if they thought they were letting down some young child, as opposed to a middle-aged geek, when they wrote back (and quite quickly and politely, I must add) telling me that some characters were retired after a while, as other characters came to the fore.

So, I filed it under “Oh Well” and went on. I still enjoyed going to Disney World and we even had year passes for a while. I still thought of it as a ‘magical’ place where dreams can come true and age doesn’t matter when it comes to having fun.

As my previous posts have told, we recently took another trip back to the Land of the Mouse with my mom and sister who were visiting from Kentucky. There was still no sign of Darkwing Duck on any type of merchandise and, trust me, I still look.

Yesterday, we dropped them off at the airport and, as we usually do, were waiting until after the plane had taken off to leave….just in case something happens, such as a missed flight, etc. We were in the Disney store at the terminal (called the “Ear-port”…lol) and I was browsing through the pins when, lo and behold I saw……

"I am the pin that decorates your lanyard!"

“I am the pin that decorates your lanyard!”

Yep…a Darkwing Duck pin.

Pin trading is a pretty big thing at Disney. All the cast members wear them and if you see one you want, they have to trade with you. After all the visits, though, I’ve never seen anyone with a DW pin or it being on sale anywhere in the four parks. It was like a scene from a movie where a ray of light shines down on someone’s “holy grail” and a chorus of angels sings in the background.

Of course, I snatched it up quicker than the human eye could follow. My wife got a good laugh out of it, too.

“You’re such a kid.” she said.

And, yeah, I guess she’s right…a kid with a Darkwing Duck pin!

Until next time…


2 responses

  1. That’s awesome! I loved Darkwing Duck when the show was playing. That pin is sick, haha, and I can imagine that the angels burst into choir when you saw it. Congratz!

    1. Haha, thank you! It’s been a long time coming, for sure 😀

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