The Case of the Missing Mascot….

It seems like my Saturday posts haven’t been much more than a recap of what I did for most of that day.

I’m o.k. with that, for the most part, because it means I’ve been doing something semi-notable.

Today was no different. My wife’s brother was moving, so she said we’d help out. No problem there…my brother-in-law is a great guy and I was glad to go along. Of course, I did do some grumbling at the earliness of the whole thing, but I got over it after some bribery consisting of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and a couple of chocolate doughnuts.

Anyway, pretty standard move….we were just there to move the “big stuff” and get done by 4:30 so the U-Haul could be returned on time. On one of the trips to the new house, my wife was texting her niece who lives in Texas. This niece’s husband is a district manager for a few U-Hauls out in the Longhorn State and she dropped a bit of trivia on us. It seems that all the new U-Haul “Super Graphics” have hidden in them, U-Haul’s mascot, Sammy U .

The new "Waldo"?

U-Haul’s ‘Waldo’


Here’s some folks who found Sammy….


Of course, when we got out of the truck, we had to go check it out. I wish I had taken a picture of the five of us, staring at the side of a U-Haul truck, and trying to find this thing. Our truck had the Hawaii Super Graphic, which features the alien looking ‘happy face spider‘. My wife, finally, found Sammy U…on one of the spider’s legs.


It does look like a happy face....

It does look like a happy face….


. Why so serious


I had never heard of the ‘happy face spider’ nor knew of the extensive Super Graphics campaign put together by U-Haul. I’ll admit, it was pretty interesting and I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time on a U-Haul site at a time when I wasn’t renting a truck.

All in all, it was a pretty educational (and tiring) day. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take four ibuprofen and not call you in the morning.


Until next time….






3 responses

  1. Enjoyed your post about the U-Haul Sammy U search.

    I am the illustrator that researched and created all the graphics since 1997. I recently have moved on to bigger ventures and no longer work for the company but I get a kick out of all the blogs and interest in the graphics.

    I always got my daughter involved with the making of the images and she has been responsible for telling me where to hide the character Sammy U.

    If interested, I show how the graphics are made on my website:

    Steve King

    1. Hi Steve,

      Hey, thanks for that info and the link to your site. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment and really enjoy your work.

      Your daughter sure did a good job of hiding those things…lol.

      Best of luck and thanks again.

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