The Case of the Walk on the Beach.

Yesterday afternoon, the wife and I headed down to the beach for a walk. We wound up at the place where we took our wedding vows and stopped to reflect for a bit. Hard to believe it’s been over two years, on a chilly Saturday afternoon (it was 69 degrees…chilly for some Floridians) where we pledged to love, honor, and obey…..o.k, well, not the ‘obey’ part….the wife was having none of that. (haha!)

Anyway, the weather for our walk was pretty mild. It was a tad cloudy out, but the sun managed to peek out from behind the clouds, here and there. It was around five o’clock and, honestly, I have no clue as to whether it was high tide or low tide…I just know the surf was a bit rough and foamy.

We had gone down there for some exercise and as an alternative for hanging around the house. We’re lucky in that it’s only about a ten minute car ride and pretty convenient. We walked around for a half hour, checking out the seashells, sea gulls, and fisherman that populated the area.

All in all, a great way to end the day and, of course, I had to whip out the ole camera and snap a few, quick, pics.

Enjoy the scenery. I know we sure did.



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