The Case of the “Junky” Saturday…

Today’s post was going to revolve around one of my new-found loves…..

No, I’m not cheating on my wife…I’m talking about one of my Christmas gifts…my Leatherman Wingman tool.

That’s going to have to wait until next week, as I still need to snap and upload a few pictures, do a bit of organizing, etc.

So, instead, today’s post is going to be short and sweet…..o.k….maybe not ‘sweet’ (and, maybe, not short).

About a month ago we had a car door break. When I say ‘break’, I mean the internal mechanism that opens the door broke…..and, of course, it’s the driver side door. The one we have to use when we drive the car. Ugh! So, we’ve been climbing over the passenger seat and opening the door from the inside….which is a pretty big pain. Anyway, I’ve spent most of the day on a grand  junkyard tour of Vero Beach. It’s a gorgeous day out, so it wasn’t so bad.

It’s amazing how many discarded cars/car parts there are out there. One place we stopped at had two vintage cars up on a flatbed truck and it looked like they were restoring them. I wish I had taken a few pictures because, even as rusty and banged up as they were, they still looked pretty cool. We hit a couple of ‘pull and pay’ places as well as more “upscale” joints, where they pulled the part for you.  Below is the piece we were looking for….


If anyone knows  the whereabouts of this part., please email me!

We saw something similar at the first place we went, so I ponied up $5.00 and brought it home….only to find out it was specifically for the back door. I pulled it out of a back door so it wasn’t a huge shock, but thought I’d get lucky and they’d be interchangeable…no dice. We then hit a few other places with no luck. The very last place we went, did have the part and only wanted $25.00 for it. I was glad someone finally had it, but then my friend noticed that this one was broke too…just in a different place. I was so focused on the one area, that I didn’t realize it was broke in another. I’m glad my friend (who’s way more mechanically inclined then I) spotted it. So, I came back home and will try to get the part from E Bay. My friend is confident that we can put it in ourselves, as soon as I get the part. We shall see and, until then, we’ll have to keep climbing the seat to get into the car…

After I got home, I had to reassemble the front door that we had taken apart and, finally, got some lunch. Last night’s pot roast and some sour cream hit the spot. I still need to cut my hair (another post for another day) and get some stuff together for tomorrow’s Super Bowl party down at the in-laws.

I’m not, by any stretch, a football fan, so I’ll be the one rooting for the commercials.

Thus far, that’s been my Saturday. How was yours?

Until next time…

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