The Case of the Home on the Range…

It all started a couple of years ago with and article I saw somewhere online about “tiny houses“. I’m sure you’ve heard of these….most of them so small you can fit them on a trailer and haul them behind your truck.  A lot of time, the dimensions consisting of no more than 14′ by 14′.

The more I saw, the more interested I became with the whole concept of building a small home, owning it outright, and living a more minimalistic lifestyle.  Wanting to see more, I headed over to one of my favorite media outlets, YouTube, and did a search for “tiny houses”. As the web usually works, I wound up finding other topics… that really caught my eye was “Homesteading“. It, basically, takes the ‘tiny house’ mentality a step further where you live off the land and, pretty much, off the grid.

Off the Grid living is self-sufficient living. You don’t rely on any outside agency for your housing, plumbing, electrical needs, or food. You grow your own, collect your own water, supply your own power…usually via solar paneling or wind turbines…and, basically, fend for yourself.

I cam across LaMar’s YouTube channel and started watching it. Below, I think, is the first video I saw on ‘homesteading’….

The more I began digging into homesteading, I began coming across another phenomenon….Prepping. It seems that folks all over are preparing for some sort of catastrophe….natural or man made….to strike and want to be ready when it inevitably (in their mind) does. The National Geographic Channel even has a show devoted to the lifestyle, Doomsday Preppers. For better or worse, these people are really taking the whole ‘end of the world as we know it’ scenario seriously and are going to great lengths to make sure they’ll be ready when the time arrives.  Are they crazy? I don’t know, but I hope we never have to find out.

Living in Florida, we do a bit of ‘prepping’ just in case we get hit by a hurricane and, luckily, we haven’t had to make use of any of our stockpile. Besides the usual food and water, we also have a camp stove, flashlights, batteries, a crank/solar weather radio, toiletries, etc. We’re not thinking that we’re going to survive a doomsday scenario, but it never hurts to be prepared if you can. I think a bigger garden and some canning might be in our future, as well.

My wife and I are still a bit enamored by the homesteading life and hope to, someday, set up on a little piece of property in our own ‘tiny house’. Of course the word ‘tiny’ isn’t going to be literal…we’d like something decent sized and, if possible, it’s own plumbing. 🙂 (Oh yeah….and Internet!)

If homesteading might sound appealing to you, I’d recommend LaMar’s YouTube channel….it’s a great place to start and can give you the basics and foundation on just what sort of things this kind of living entails. It’s a very interesting way to live, for sure.

Until next time….


2 responses

  1. I’m claustrophobic, so it would have to be mostly windows. Not sure I could do it, but for a short time it might be fun.

    When I was a kid we got the large refrigerator boxes from the appliance store down the road and hauled them home. We set up housekeeping in them, cut out windows and hung curtains. We were kids it was great fun, and then one day my brother came out with a box of matches. There begins the claustrophobia. Funny, the things you remember and then share…. Sorry.

    The preppers thing is crazy, and yet, I too hope they are all wrong!

    1. Oh yeah, I can definitely see it being a problem if you’re claustrophobic….I had never even thought of that.

      Too bad you didn’t have any ‘box insurance’ back then…you could have made some money

      I don’t mind being prepared, but I think some of those people live in fear of something that may never come to pass. I mean, we all have fears, but this seems all encompassing and they base their lives around it. I don’t want to live like that.

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