The Case of the (not so) Killer Tomato…

My wife and I have, for a while, been interested in doing some Homesteading. A few things have stood in our way….o.k…mainly one thing.

$$$Money, moolah, dinero, filthy lucre$$$

At this point, we don’t have the finances to buy any land and start building a small, off the grid type, home. So, until we can get there finance wise, we’ve started doing a few, smaller, things around our own condo/homestead. We talked about building a raised bed garden, but I was concerned about our HOA getting up in arms. I didn’t want to put a lot of time and energy into building one, if we were only told to take it down days or weeks later. So, to that end, we decided to try some container gardening.

So, we headed to Lowe’s…bought a few buckets, some soil, some mulch,some stands, and a few plants. We weren’t brave enough to try to start from seed, so we bought a few starter plants. When we got home, I drilled about fifteen water drainage holes in the bottom of the buckets, we dumped in the soil and planted the plants. I threw a little bit of mulch on top of the soil (the mulch on the outside of the buckets is from landscapers) and set the buckets on two bricks to allow for some room for the water to drain…..just in case we over watered them (we’d never do that….noooo).

Here are a few pics of our “garden”….

2013-01-29 11.12.25

Not much to it…simple and easy.

2013-01-29 11.12.51

The mulch on the outside of the buckets is from the landscapers, not me.












This was back in December and, just in case you don’t know, I live in Florida so we can do that sort of thing down here 🙂 We wound up planting two tomato plants and one green pepper plant. The green pepper plant hasn’t done anything. The plant on the far left, while it looks impressive, hasn’t produced anything in the way of tomatoes…yet. Just the other day, I found a few buds popping up, so we’ll see how they do. The plant in the middle is the one that seems to be thriving. It gave us our first and there seem to be five or six more waiting in the wings to offer themselves up as sacrifices for our BLTs.

2013-01-29 11.13.30

The plant on the far left…it’s trying!

2013-01-29 11.13.58

You have to look closer…

2013-01-29 11.13.09

A few more coming in from the middle plant….














Well, like they say online….”Pics or it didn’t happen“….so, here ya go. Our first, honest to gosh, real,tomato….

2013-01-26 09.54.30

Only on the internet would you find a guy be so proud of a single tomato…

2013-01-26 09.54.44

It died a good death and was very yummy!

Now, I’m sure there are plenty of things we’re missing here but, as I said, we’re just getting started and have found container gardening to be fairly easy and cost effective…at this point. If any, more experienced, gardeners come across this and want to offer up any advice, I’m all ears….er, I mean…eyes…this is the Interwebz, after all.

Until next time…

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