The Case of..Stop! Hammertime!

I told you this stuff was going to be random…. 🙂



The other night, as I sometimes do, I was cruising YouTube looking for old videos from MTV’s heyday. I ran across a few from a man I consider to be one of the best entertainers of the time…. M.C. Hammer. I realize that most entertainment outlets hail Michael Jackson as “The King of Pop”, but when it came to dancing they all took a backseat to The Hammer…even Mr. Jackson, in my opinion.

The man could (and still can) move and his music was, for the most part, pretty positive. No cop killing, smacking hos, or any of the other general filth you hear in a lot of rap these days. The above video was, I think, my first exposure to The Hammer (a.k.a. Stanley Burrell), but certainly not the last. To this day I can still sing along to “You Can’t Touch This“…..



Back in the days of cassette singles, I think I about wore this one out. One of my favorite hits….”Too Legit to Quit”. Some great music and great dancing. I wouldn’t even consider myself a huge fan of dancing, but I always had to give Mr. Burrell credit…he sure could tear up a dance floor.



I think the last thing I saw on Hammer was on the reality t.v. show “The Surreal Life“. Not that I watched every episode, but I did happen to catch one where they all visited a church and Hammer delivered the sermon. He did a pretty good job and I can see why he’s a sought after speaker, to this day.  I think Mr. Burrell was just as famous for going broke as he was for his rise to stardom, but I found some neat facts  here and was glad to read that he’s still out there and still doing well.

Some rappers might have had big watches or giants clocks hanging around their necks, but it didn’t matter, back in the day, because it was always….



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