The Case of the Missing Papyrus…


“Hmmm…which to choose….”


I’ve always been something of a reader and I like books. I like the feel and smell of a good book…especially, an old one. So, a few years ago, when Amazon came out with their Kindle”…and the e-book format started to take off…I had already decided that it just wasn’t something for me. If I was going to read (and I was), then I wanted it to be from a book…besides, those new fangled Kindles cost way too much, anyway. I knew a few people who had one and they just raved about how easy they were to use, how you could fit a ton of books on it, etc.

Still not for me, I decided.

Flash forward a few years to about 2009. I was getting ready to make one of the biggest changes in my life…ever. I had met a woman online and we were taking things the next step from ‘long distance relationship’ to ‘hands on” ahem (for lack of a better term) relationship. That meant, we decided, that I leave my home in Northern Kentucky and move to sunny Florida. Initially, I traveled light and that meant not bringing any of my books (mostly paperback, some hardback) along for the ride.

Books are heavy when you have a lot of them.

There were times that I missed my books. If only I had a way to bringing them all with me in a small, convenient for traveling, format.

Duh! The Kindle.

So, I started looking more into the Kindle and the whole e-book thing. By then The Nook had come out and was giving the Kindle a run for its money. I looked at them both and read, in more than a few places, about people having issues with The Nook’s touchscreen feature. I hadn’t seen anything negative about the Kindle, so I decided to go the Amazon route.

The Florida relationship worked out (as I knew it would) and I asked her to be my wife. While making preparations for the wedding, we decided to buy ourselves wedding presents (as our original plan was just to run off and elope…but that’s a tale for another time) and I knew just the thing to get. Of course, as I always do with a big or even semi big, purchase…I hemmed and hawed and went back and forth on whether I wanted to spend the money. My wife (fiance’ then) told me to ‘just buy the thing’….so I took the plunge.

I haven’t looked back since. I still have my physical books up in Kentucky (in storage) but now I have about 60 more on my Kindle. It’s nice to be able to buy a book, download it, and start reading…all while sitting around in your underwear.

The funny thing is, my wife never took to it. She’s not much of a reader, but she likes a good book now and again. To her credit, though, she tried. I remember her buying Tick Tock by James Patterson for the Kindle. She carried it around for a few days and read a little from it, but kept complaining that she didn’t like it that she ‘couldn’t turn a page’. A few days later, she came home with a hardcover and read it in a few days. I just shook my head as we had paid something like $10.00 for an electronic…non physical….version. So, to not feel like it was wasted money, I read it.  I had never read a Patterson novel before so I didn’t know what to expect….but, it wasn’t bad.

So, I’ve gone a total 180 degrees on the whole e-book thing…especially with Amazon…and for a few reasons:

  • You can bring ALL your books along, no matter where you go, on one, thin, device.
  • The books are stored ‘in the cloud’ so even if you don’t have your Kindle you just need a computer, tablet, or phone with the Amazon app on it, to read any of your books
  • It’s not backlit so it’s perfect for taking outdoors…to the beach…camping…wherever and, again, you don’t have to lug a ton of books around.
  • There are quite a few FREE books you can download and a lot of them are old classics like Sherlock Holmes.
  • A lot of e-books don’t cost as much as an actual, physical, book.
  • The overall convenience of buying and downloading regardless of what time it is.
  • The overall convenience in use…no pages to turn and you can read with one hand.

On a strange side note, I’m still not on board with e-books in terms of comic books. Maybe it’s because I was a collector and liked organizing? I don’t know…

How about you?

Kindle or physical book?

2 responses

  1. Everyone always says that about the ereader, but when they finally actually use the Kindle. They realize they can’t live with out it. I started out that way too, but I love my Kindle and I carry it with me everywhere. I managed to “convert” a handful of friends too and they said the same thing. “I like physical books. I don’t think I can get used to an ereader.” But now they can’t live without theirs either. I still love physical books and I still buy them. But I tend to read them in ebook format then if i like the book, I’ll by the physical copy to have on my shelf. 😉

    1. I think I’ve bought one or two physical books since picking up my Kindle, but not much more. I’m, pretty much, a dinosaur when it comes to change…but this is one change I can get behind 🙂

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