The Case of the Neglected Blog…

The title, obviously, referring to this blog, of course. I haven’t had much to say over here and I’m not real sure why.

I guess between the holidays (Christmas/New Years…which I hope you all had great ones, btw), posting over on Google Plus and re-tooling/re-energizing my writing blog, I haven’t had much time to post the ‘weird and random’.

Well, hopefully, that will change and I’ll be able to devote a little time over here….as the mood strikes me.

Like a lot of people, I’ve resolved decided that a decent goal, for this year, would be to get in better shape and drop a few pounds. I’ve been using MyFitnessPal (linky on sidebar) with decent success, though I’m not really dropping any LBs. It is, though, making me think about what I’m eating and just how much….so that’s a plus, right there. While I’m not losing, I’m not really gaining either. Again, a positive. I know I need to get off my rump to give the old metabolism a jumpstart. Once I get there, I think the results will be a bit more evident.

A quick shot of our two torture devices pieces of gym equipment….

2013-01-23 11.49.37

Weight Machine


2013-01-23 11.48.44

The Elliptical














We also have a (very) small container garden going on. We started planting in December….yes, I know…December….but, we can get away with that sort of thing down here in Florida. We weren’t expecting much but, so far, we’ve got  SIX tomatoes on the vine. Not a bad start for someone without a green thumb, right?

You have to look closely...down on the bottom see the ripening tomato.

You have to look closely…down on the bottom left…to see the ripening tomato.


On a sad note, my wife’s mother passed away two days after Christmas and we’re all still having a rough time with that. If you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we’d sure appreciate it. She was a wonderful woman who touched everyone’s life that she met. I only knew her for three years, but she treated me more like a son than a son-in-law. She was a true free spirit and always on the go. To help honor her memory we’ve decided to try to get out more….to the beach, down to the Keys, wherever. Life is for living….which she did, in spades.

Always loved, always missed…God bless, Dottie.


A great place for a walk.

A great place for a walk.


Until next time….


2 responses

  1. *hugs for both of you* Glad to hear that you’re doing alright, darlin. Sorry for your loss. I know losing a parent is extremely hard on both the surviving child and their spouse.

    1. Lela, thank you very much….it’s much appreciated. Hope things are going well for you and yours and great hearing form you 🙂

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