The Case of the Young (non) Epicurean

The other day, over on Google Plus, I made a small post about a cereal I enjoyed when I was younger. It got me to thinking about some of my favorite food and snacks that I used to indulge in during my childhood. This was back before we had everyone and their (Big) Brother telling us how and what we should eat, etc.

A more simple time when kids could be kids. We ate what we wanted, as long as our parents would let us, and then went outside to burn it off. Some of you may be a tad unfamiliar with the concept of “outside“…’s that place past the front door where the big, burning, ball hangs in the air.

Anyway, I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s so there is where I find my fondest food memories. Here are just a few….



Pop-Tarts were awesome. Quick to make, easy to eat, and tasted like dessert. Dutch apple was my flavor of choice as a youngster. I used to love these things. In fact, once I realized they were discontinued, I sent Kellogg’s a few letters, then later, e-mails asking if they were ever going to bring them back. Alas, they assured me they weren’t. Since then, it’s rare that you’ll see me eating Pop-Tarts.

Ah Dutch Apple….I do so miss you…

Frosted Flakes were another breakfast “staple” as a kid. I was also a big fan of  “Count Chocula” as well as “Coco Pebbles”, but Frosted Flakes was right up there with them.

They’re grrrrrrreat!!!




Manwich Sandwich was either a lunch or dinner thing at my house, growing up…..and I couldn’t get enough of it. Sure, you may call it “Sloppy Joe”, but at our house it was “Manwich”. One tip,though, be careful when doing a Google image search for the words “manwich”. Apparently, it’s taken on a new meaning over the years….

Anyway, this on a hamburger bun or just over a couple of pieces of white bread spelled tangy ground beef heaven for this kid.

Yum, yum!



Taco flavored Doritos! There was a time, a few years ago, when I couldn’t find these anywhere. Not sure if they discontinued them, temporarily, or what but I can tell you that I was prepared to start another letter writing campaign. I just knew that ‘Cool Ranch’ could never fill the hole in my taste buds left by this snacky delight. Two thumbs up for bringing them back.



Oh sure, I was a kid and I drank “soft drinks” or “pop” or whatever it was called depending on where you were from….but I also loved Kool Aid (Oh yeah!) Of course, this was back when Kool Aid was cheaper than Coke and it also didn’t eat the corrosion off a car battery.

Oh yeahhhhhh!

There was also an alternative to Kool Aid put out by Pillsbury, called Funny Face Drink. Tasted the same, but each flavor was a little character. Pretty cute and they also had a neat mug set, of which I owned a few.

Some of the “non politically correct” characters. They were both changed later. 

‘Chinese cherry became ‘Choo Choo Cherry’…..meh

Still love these.

My mom would, sometimes, seem a little worried that I wasn’t drinking enough milk but there was a solution to that, too. Nestle’s Quick. I used to eat this stuff by the spoonful….which could explain a few things today….hmmm. If it weren’t for this stuff, I probably wouldn’t have drunk as much milk as I did.


“You can’t drink it slow if it’s Quick!”

I’m sure I’m leaving out quite a few (non) epicurean delights from my youth but, since these were the ones that instantly sprang to mind, I figured I’d share them. Maybe this little trip down the ‘taste bud’ road brought back a few memories of your own?

If so, leave a comment and let me know what you enjoyed eating when you were growing up.

Bon’ apetit!

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