The Olympics: Opening ceremony….


(Originally, this was a post I did over on Google Plus and thought it would make a decent post here, as well.)


I have to preface all of this by saying that I really like the English and, from what I know of it, think they have a rich and diverse culture. I’d love to ‘hop the pond’ some day and see the place personally….maybe even catch The Graham Norton Show or something….who knows?


We DVR’d the Olympic opening ceremonies last night because, apparently, my wife is a pretty big fan. A little known fact about her that never came up in any of our ‘courtship’ conversations.

I, on the other hand, haven’t watched an opening ceremony since…probably….1984? Needless to say, I’m not a huge fan.

Anyway, we decided at around 2a.m. to sit down and watch and it was then that I remembered why I hadn’t watched since 1984….

Don’t get me wrong…some of it was pretty neat and I thought the bit with the Queen skydiving out of the helicopter with James (Daniel Craig) Bond was clever….but, some of it was a bit ‘out there’.

Now, granted, I know they were celebrating the ‘Four Isles’ things and that’s cool but, again, it just seemed hokey. Especially the bit about the two young kids meeting and the inventor of the Internet.

I wonder if Al Gore has heard of Tim Berners-Lee?

Anyway, a few points:

  • Does the Queen ever smile? Maybe I don’t get royalty, but you’d think she’d at least pretend like she’s happy to be there. Maybe it’s a protocol thing. (Help me out here, Brits)
  • They kept talking about “Danny Boyle” like he was a household name. Maybe over in England, but I’ve never heard of him.
  • Not one mention of Dr. Who or The Avengers ??? Come on! I kid you not, the whole time watching I kept saying “We better see a TARDIS or something soon.”  Nothing 😦
  • We had to fast forward through the Phelps interview. I just couldn’t take it.
  • I’ve never been impressed with Matt Lauer or Meredith Viera and this didn’t change anything. I’m sure it was part of the ‘production process’, but did they really need to explain every nuance of the show? That aspect was pretty annoying.
  • I did think the way the Olympic cauldron came together was pretty neat and was a great symbol of what we, as a people, should strive to accomplish.
  • In my original G+ post, I neglected to mention Mr. Bean which was a terrible oversight. I thought his bit was pretty funny and Rowan Atkinson never fails to entertain.
  • Sir Paul McCartney always rocks. That is all.
  • I really couldn’t believe that the IOC is still using the “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.” theme that I heard at the end.

I don’t know, I’m sure a lot of people enjoyed the show. To me, it was pretty ‘meh’.

I’m not a big sports watcher and I may check up on a few of the events such as volleyball and judo but, as for the rest, again “meh”.

I might try to check out the closing ceremonies but, at this point, even that’s up in the air.

4 responses

  1. I mainly watched the Opening Ceremonies because I was hoping Muse would be performing since they had announced their song “Survival” is the “official” song for the London Olympics. But in any airing of the Olympics, I haven’t heard the song played even ONCE. So I’m not sure what is going on there.

    Danny Boyle directed movies like “Trainspotting” and “28 Days Later”. He’s generally a hit or miss with me.

    I really liked the beginning with the “history” and forging of the rings. I even liked the mentions of Peter Pan, London Hospital, and Mary Poppins. But HATED the part in the middle about “June and Frankie” I have NO IDEA who they were, and I didn’t care about their “love story” either. It felt out of place and completely hokey. Maybe that story is popular in the UK, but to the rest of the world most us are scratching our heads and going WTF is going on? I thought that was a fail in Danny Boyle’s part. It didn’t tell us much about UK culture and it just showed two kids who found each other through cell phones and then they made out. Not a very romantic love story in my opinion. I found it very contrasting to opening the ceremony with Shakespeare then ending it with a story about a teenage fling. I also find it funny in all the montages of the Opening Ceremony that was the section always left out.

    I was very disappointed to not a single mention of Dr. Who. Seriously! Not even a picture of the Tardis or a nod to DW? Maybe Danny Boyle hates DW. lol

    My mom made the same comment about the queen. I think it has something to do with how Royals are never allowed to show emotions. I’m just making things up. 😛 maybe she was sleepy. The ceremonies did go on until midnight or so.

    I really hate the NBC broadcast of the Olympics. I normally watch all the swimming competitions since I’m a swimmer. Not a fast one, but I enjoy the sport. :p But NBC likes sticking lots of commercials and interviews I have no interest in watching. Just show me the race and be done with it. It is especially frustrating when you know the results were up 8 hours beforehand.

    Now that I look at this reply, I should have just wrote my own posting, but I was too busy playing Mass Effect. 😛

    1. Muahahaha!! It’s too late, Jennie….-I- have the comment now!!! 😛

      Seriously though…..

      I’ve heard of “Trainspotting” and even saw “28 Days Later”….which was o.k…for a zombie movie. Thanks for the info, though.

      The rings thing was cool, I will admit but a lot of the more U.K-centric sorta stuff was about the -only- thing that kept Lauer and Viera quiet so it did have a good side..

      Yeah, no DW love was lame! I could have sworn, though, I heard the TARDIS sound effect during the Queen song, but no follow up and no props 😦

      Well, your mom could be right. I didn’t have anyone offer up any other sort of explanation so we’ll just go with hers 🙂

      I’ve heard quite a few people complaining about NBC’s coverage and have heard that BBC is doing a much better job…..which I don’t doubt at all.

      Thanks for the comments, Jennie 🙂

      1. That is true when Lauer and Viera stopped talking it was nice.

        I think the BBC always has a better coverage of things in comparison to our media. I know every time something big happens such as disasters or other world news, I always end up watching BBC media coverages. Our media censors far too much stuff because it isn’t “ratings worthy”. Sometimes I feel like I’m China. :p

  2. Oh definitely. I used to work a shift where I got off at midnight and, on the drive home, would always listen to BBC News on the radio.

    For some strange reason, the stories always sounded a bit different than what I heard on the local stations….

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