If I Were In Charge…

“Hail to the King, baby.”

Sometimes I’ll think of the oddest topics. Tonight is no different….

What would things be like if I were in charge. If anything I said, became the gospel.

It ain’t pretty, but here’s a few things I came up with….

  1. There would be no such thing as a “career politician”. As the Founding Father’s intended, they would serve two terms….then they’d be done. Back to the private sector. They would also not receive salaries/benefits after their term was over.
  2. Infomercials…..abolished!
  3. Reality Shows….abolished! Especially the ones where they encourage people to act like (serious) idiots, so they could get higher ratings.
  4. Facebook would be de-commissioned and everyone would be forced to use Google Plus or, at the very least, Twitter.
  5. There would be a twenty-five year (at least) moratorium on movie ‘remakes/re-imaginings’.
  6. If it was proven that you committed premeditated murder of another human being you would be set free……with the knowledge that you would be murdered, at some point, in the future by a trained assassin.
  7. The idea of a ‘hate’ crime would be done away with. It should be a given that you would perpetrate a crime against someone you don’t like.
  8. If war is declared it means WAR. You swoop in like Klingons and take care of business.
  9. Law firms would not be allowed to advertise via television or billboard.
  10. Colorizing any black and white films would be against the law.
  11. N.A.S.A would be revived and given a humongous budget. They’re our greatest hope for time travel.
  12. William Shatner and Wil Wheaton would be sent back to Canada. Permanently. I know Wheaton isn’t from Canada, but I don’t care.

Obviously, these examples are pretty much tongue in cheek but, still, it’s probably a good thing that I”m not in charge.


Anyway, what would some of your mandates be if you were in charge?


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