Men In Black III

We are ‘they’, ‘them’, we are….the Men In Black…

After seeing Men In Black II, I can honestly say that I really wasn’t all that excited about seeing the third installment.

What I should have remembered, though, as taught to me by the Back to the Future franchise, was the lesson about the second film in a series of three is usually the worst. Which was exactly the case in the MIB trilogy and, more than likely, why MIB 2, sucked.

Men In Black III, on the other hand,  was pretty darn good. It’s not an Oscar winner, by any stretch but, these days, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It was a fun movie, well paced, some nice plot twists, and Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones still seemed to have the same chemistry they had back in MIB I.

The best part of the film for me was Josh Brolin. He had Tommy Lee Jones down pat and really made me believe that he was a younger version of Agent K. It was more than just the voice inflection, it was his facial expressions (as well as lack thereof) and speech patterns that really sold me.

Will Smith’s Agent J has been an agent for 14 years (has it really been that long since the first MIB film?) and has gotten a promotion. We know this because he reminds us of it the entire movie…..but, in a funny way. It seems that there are some things even a Grade 1 agent isn’t let in on….such as K’s past. There’s a good reason for this, but you’ll just have to go see the movie to find out why. Agent J has that ‘seasoned’ air about him but, at times, you can tell he’s still learning the ropes. Smith’s delivery is, as usual, pretty flawless and like I said, he and Jones still have that first movie chemistry.

Tommy Lee Jones is as crusty as ever and that’s o.k., because he’s supposed to be crusty. This movie added another layer to the character of Agent K, though, as a man with a much more haunted past than we realize from previous films. We find out about that layer of crust and why he has it.

The guy who played the main villain, New Zealander Jemaine Clement (though I would have sworn it was Tim Curry) did a decent job as Boris the Animal. An alien from K’s past who’s been locked up for over 40 years at…..well, I won’t tell you where, I’ll let you see that for yourself, as well.

As always, the effects were top-notch and it was funny seeing how the MIB equipment has evolved since 1969. Oh, did I not mention that Agent J has to go back to 1969 to …..well, again, I’ll let you see that for yourself.

Without spoiling (or my best attempt) anything, here’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Men In Black III

The Good:

  • Will Smith. As usual, great delivery and, something I’ve never noticed before, he’s great at physical comedy. Why I didn’t know that, I haven’t a clue.
  • Josh Brolin. It was the scene in the film trailer of Brolin’s Agent K that gave me hope that this movie wouldn’t be a total stinker.
  • There are two cameos that I think a lot of people will get a kick out of. The first is 1969’s head of MIB and the second is the actor who plays ‘Andy Warhol’. Both are comedy gold.
  • The special effects and creature effects are out of this world…no pun intended.
  • If you remember from previous films, the MIBs keep track of aliens all over the world. Many of whom are celebrities. This one is no different and some are quite believable. Trust me, you’ll laugh.

The Bad:

  • While I enjoyed the overall plot, there were some pretty big plot holes that needed filling.
  • One of the big plot points was pretty obvious. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t more covert.
  • I could have done without Emma Thompson….just sayin’.
  • The method used to travel through time seemed a bit…extreme..for my taste, if not downright silly.
  • No Rip Torn. Too bad he can’t stay off the sauce enough to work. “This isn’t an intergalactic kegger.” , indeed Rip.

The Ugly:

  • Tommy Lee Jones. Man, how old is that guy, anyway? Awww…I’m just joking…(mostly)

Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Men In Black III. If you liked the first one, you’ll definitely like this one.

If you liked MIB II…….

….you have my deepest sympathies. 😛


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