D: Dark Shadows

"We ain't the Adams Family"

Originally, D was going to be for one of my all time favorite t.v. shows, Due South , but the recent death of actor Jonathan Frid had me thinking that, maybe, I should dedicate “D” to another favorite show of mine, from my youth, Dark Shadows.

The most amazing thing about this show, for me, was that I never knew it was a soap opera. Even back then, I knew what soap operas were, because they were (and still are, to me) borrrrrrring. This show was anything but boring with its cast of ghosts, vampires, witches, werewolves, as well as other supernatural elements.  I used to watch it all the time and had no clue. I just thought it was a cool show about an English vampire and had eerie music.  I won’t go into a long and drawn out synopsis of the show, but if you’re interested, you can find much more Dark Shadows info here and here.

"Looking a little green around the gills, Barnabas."

A few months ago, I found that DS was streaming on Netflix, so I started watching them from the beginning. Re-watching them brought back a lot of good childhood memories, as well as gave me some laughs, seeing just how low-budget the show really was. A lot of times you’ll see sets move, actors flubbing their lines, missed cues, as well as just a general sense of ‘b-movie’ from the whole thing. Even with all the flubs, the show managed six seasons and spawned tons of show related merchandise.  

"Biting necks is no game..."

The sad thing is, though, I’d still rather watch an old episode of Dark Shadows as opposed to about 80% of what’s on t.v. these days.

So, rest in peace Mr. Jonathan Frid…to me, you’ll always be the one and only, Barnabas Collins.

If you have Netflix Streaming, and enjoy cheesy, over acted, drama….you could do a lot worse than Dark Shadows.

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