Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…



"Yeah, I'm a walkin' truck....what of it?"

You know what I really hate?

Besides Lima beans….

What I really hate is having to open, yet another, post with the words….

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but…

I’m not sure why I have such a consistency issue with writing blog posts. I guess, at times, it seems as if I have nothing of relevance to say. I mean, I’ll start a post, get about half way through it, and then delete it. Most of these instances are when I go back and read what I’ve written and, well, to be honest, it bores the heck out of me. I can just hear a droning, Ben Stein-esque, voice in my head reading the words back to me. What I guess I should start doing is trying to make that voice sound like Optimus Prime or something…I dunno.

Anyway, things have been pretty quiet on the home-front down here in sunny Florida. I’m not writing near as much as I’d like/should but, on the other hand, I’m not really putting much effort into it either.

I am, though, putting the PRO into procrastination.

Now, it’s time for The List That No One Asked For…

  • CD I’ve listened to latelyNight Ranger: Greatest Hits
  • T.V. Shows I Make Time to WatchMad Men, The Finder, The Mentalist, Castle, Doomsday Preppers.
  • Things I Need To Be Doing More ofWorking out, writing, calling home


Well, that’s about it for now. I’m going to really make an effort to NOT have to start out my next post with those hated words, so we’ll see how that goes.

Until next time…..ROLL OUT!!!

4 responses

  1. Oh don’t worry. I’ve still got a Deathwing lore post that is becoming more and more of a bloody novel than blog post. But I am always for having anything being read in the voice of Optimus Prime. Hell, get a phone book and have the guy start reading away, I’m happy.

  2. Looking forward to that Deathwing post. I’m pretty lore deficient 🙂

  3. The truth about regular bogging that no one wants to admit is…it becomes BORING! (To do, that is.) Plus, it becomes a responsibility, and one of the reasons I started blogging was to avoid the responsibilities I already had.

    Now, of course, I’m building my author platform. And once it is complete, I shall dive off it into a bucket of water! Tell your friends!

    1. I think you hit the nail right on the head, Damian….it does become a bit boring and, when it becomes a responsibility (something I don’t have to contend with yet), I’m sure it’s even worse.

      Best of luck to you in your dive! 🙂

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