I have no idea what this is....Google gave it to me...

hodgepodge (ˈhɒdʒˌpɒdʒ)

— n
1. a jumbled mixture
2. a thick soup or stew made from meat and vegetables


There’s bad news and good news about this entry.

The bad news is that I really couldn’t come up with a coherent topic for this post, so you’re just going to get a mishmash of whatever.

The good new is….this blog post has absolutely nothing to do with soup or stew or meat or vegetables.

With that out of the way, I present to you…..the Hodgepodge!


Back to the Future: So, we were watching this last night and few observations popped into my mind.

  • The terrorists who ‘killed’ Doc Brown were Libyans….a few years before most of us had even heard of Libya.
  • Marty meets Doc at “Twin Pine Mall”. After he goes back in time and is trying to escape old man Peabody’s shotgun blasts, he runs over a tree by the mailbox. When Marty goes back to 1985, the name of the mall has changed to “Lone Pine Mall”.
  • While trying to coax George to ask Lorraine to the dance, Marty dresses up like ‘Darth Vader’ from the planet ‘Vulcan’ to use George’s love of science fiction as the convincer. Now….George McFly was so traumatized that he never remembered those names later on after Star Trek and Star Wars came out?
  • At the end of the movie when Marty gets up and the whole family is now well-groomed and, apparently, successful….yet the kids still live at home? They must not be doing that well…


The Prisoner: After enjoying this quirky show for years, I finally went ahead and took the plunge…buying the series with some Amazon gift credits. I’ve been re-watching the disks in hopes that I can wipe the memory of the AMC version entirely out of my mind. If you’ve never watched this show just a few warnings….it’s British….was made in the 60s….and, I think, most of the cast and crew were using mind altering drugs during production. All that aside though, it’s still a darn good sci-fi show.


Commercial: The guy in the Dos Equis commercial….you know the guy…”Stay thirsty my friends”….who’s he supposed to be? Who’s the actor playing him?

The Subaru Forester commercial,where the mom is carting around the three kids playing hockey…what’s the song used? It’s one of those songs that get stuck in your head. I guess that’s the definition of good advertising….

Speaking of music used in commercials has Magnum P.I. been off the air long enough for people to totally forget the theme song? I think Maybelline thinks so seeing as they’ve been using it to hawk their eyelash stuff. Sheesh…


Politics <beware!>

For the Republicans out there….who’s looking good for the Primaries? Sometimes, I think the guy the press likes the most is the one I’m supposed to like the least. At least that’s how I’m feeling about Romney. I’d like some real hope and change this time, thank you very much.

Writing: After letting my NaNoWriMo (The T.E.M.P Agency) novel stew for a few weeks, I’m going to be going back at it full force. It needs an ending before anything else and I’m debating whether I should leave it open-ended or give it a definitive ending.

I guess that’s enough ramblings for now so, before I go, let me give you a recipe for some nice beef stew……oh wait….









4 responses

  1. Back To The Future had quite a bit of tongue in cheek humor. There used to be a website on it’s deliberate mistakes like having Darth Vader appear long before his time. Don’t know if it’s still curated though.

    The Prisoner, while being one of our ‘family shows’ when I was growing up also made me realize that there was more to being English than just being that country we beat the socks off of 200 years ago. They have a culture and everything! Monty Python’s Flying Circus had a lot to do with it as well, but that was later, when I was using mind altering drugs.
    That reminds me of……….. well, never mind .

    re: politics. After a refresher of what I knew to be true because I experienced and participated in it, I’m going with Newt basically because he’s the one Reagan handed the scepter to. Not that either were/are perfect, but limited government is my mantra and Newt comes closest of all of the candidates to that criteria.
    I would recommend putting all of the candidates through the mill by doing deep research. Not just news stories, but hit the bloggers you know are ideologically closest to you.
    Two things to be wary of: Paul’s army of online misinformed supporters. (Google anarcho-capitalism, Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell) and GOP establishment’s latest hit pieces on Newt Gingrich. Read history, not their remembrance of it and you’ll be fine. 🙂
    I think Santorum is done. He’s at his daughter’s hospital bedside right now, having been called home from campaigning in Florida because of it. She has a form of Down’s Syndrome that normally wouldn’t have let her live beyond a few weeks or months but she’s made it over 3 years. Adorable, sweet, beautiful child. Bella.

    1. Marla if you ever come across that site again, let me know….sounds interesting. I think I’ve seen BttF over a dozen times and it can always hold my interest 🙂 I was thinking along the same lines you mentioned about Newt and Romney. I know Paul has some good ideas, but voting for him means throwing away your vote and I already did that in the last election and am not eager to do it again.

      I still have research to do, so who knows? 🙂

  2. Sometimes random odds n sods is the best way to be.

    As for NaNo, that really depends if you think you’ll get another good story from the rough plot, setting etc.

    1. Thanks Shen, in this case it was better than nothing and I’ve been trying to be at least semi-consistent in my posting, so… 🙂

      As for NaNo, I think I might be able to get another story out of it, but may switch up the setting to a different time period….just not sure, yet.

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