Looking towards the future…

"Great Scott!"

2012 is here and I’ve been seeing a lot about ‘resolutions’. I don’t believe in ‘resolutions’. When I say ‘don’t believe’ it’s not in the way that one doesn’t believe in fictional things, such as Santa Claus, leprechauns, or Eskimos, it’s in the way in which I don’t believe in making them. Mainly because, like old glue, I know they won’t stick.

Now goals, I know I can set…and attain.

I posted some writing related goals over on my writing blog and I’m pretty confident that I can meet, or exceed, most of them. As for the other areas in my life…..family, friends, working, etc., I have just one goal.

Be better.

That’s it. Pretty simple and straightforward. Be better…at everything. Like everyone else on the planet, I have areas in my life in which I know I can improve on. From being a better husband or friend to getting up and exercising or even something as simple as listening, I know there are things I can be doing better and that’s what I’m going to focus on for 2012.

It’s a pretty easy checklist for the year and I’ll let you all know just how it pans out.

How about you? Any goals (or resolutions) that you know you should be giving a shot?


2 responses

  1. I’m chuckling because that was exactly my new years fb status… I don’t believe in resolutions, but I do believe in goals. SNAP! Couldn’t agree more. Nice post.

  2. Thanks Dianne, great minds think alike, I guess =)

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