Laughing with the angels….

It’s funny the things you remember about people when they leave us. The thing I’ll always remember about my Grandma was her laugh.

She loved to laugh and when she did, she didn’t mess around. She had a loud laugh. One of those laughs that starts out, almost, as a scream then just keeps on going.

I remember when the family used to get together for the holidays…all us kids in one room…the grown ups in another. You would constantly hear the sounds of laughter coming from the grown up’s room….we kids were (usually) fairly quiet…in comparison. Always leading the charge was, you guessed it, my Grandma.

I wouldn’t, necessarily, call her a ‘tough’ lady, but she was certainly no-nonsense. She was brutally honest and told it like she saw it, regardless. I think she was a little worried about me because I wasn’t married by age 30 and I would tend to have long spells between girls I was dating steadily. More than once we had conversations that went along these general lines…

So, are you married yet?

No, Grandma, I’m still single.

You’re not seeing anyone?


You like girls, right?

Yes, Grandma, I like girls.

Then what’s the problem??

To her, it was just that simple and straightforward. Just writing the above brought a smile to my face because I can hear her voice, plain as day. More than once she actually would use the word “broad” in place of “girl”….“So Mark, have you found a nice broad to settle down with?”

I think she did things like that to see me laugh and get a reaction….which I always did and she always got.

She passed away yesterday (10/22/11) and, from what I understand it was quick and painless. Straightforward….just like her.

I could go on for pages about how she touched people’s lives, brought them to the Lord (my mom, chief among them), and always had something to say…no matter what the topic…but I won’t.

Instead, I’ll just say that I know my Grandma went on to a better place and her family will miss her, dearly.

Helen Means will live through her family, friends, and those whose lives she touched.

We’ll never forget her and always love her.

I can just hear her now, laughing with the angels….


2 responses

  1. I’m sorry.
    I lost my gramma recently and it stinks.

  2. It sure does….thanks Rich and my condolences on your recent loss.

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