DC Nu 52


A past blog post  had me chatting, briefly, about the new ‘reboot’/’re-imagining’/re-do of the DC Universe,where I mentioned the books I’d be getting and why. Well, they arrived last week….finally!   I should get more than once a month shipping…but I digress…..

Anyway, here’s my views on those books after (again, finally!) getting a chance to read them.

1. Justice League: WriterGeoff Johns /Art: by Jim Lee.

The first thing that grabbed me was the art….it was superb! Jim Lee hasn’t lost his touch and Scott William’s inks -really- brings things together. The Johns’ story kind of melds together the origins of the original JLA with a sprinkling of the original Teen Titans. The old JLA in that people aren’t familiar with each other. A fact driven home in the exchange where Green Lantern asks Batman what his powers are and, finally, coming to the conclusion that…”Hold on a second…you’re not just some guy in a bat costume, are you? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?” To which Batman’s reply is “What’s this do?”…as he holds GL’s freshly purloined ring. Everyone’s an unknown, which I did enjoy, so there was no ‘hey, I’m stumped….let’s call Batman’ type thing going on. A pre- borg Victor Stone is shown, being an amazing athlete and having an uninterested father….basically as in the original TT series. I’ve never been a big fan of Cyborg…he was my least favorite of all the Titans, so we’ll see just how different he is in the JLA. I’d say the story is solid…nothing groundbreaking, but still interesting. I’ll probably stick with this one for a bit.

2. Justice League International: WriterDan Jurgens/Art: Aaron Lopresti.

I’ve always been a fan of Dan Jurgens, so this was a no brainer. I was an even bigger fan of the JLI, back in the ‘bwahahaha’ days….this JLI, so far, is not the ‘bwahahaha’ days. Don’t get me wrong, the story was interesting and they’ve stirred the pot up a bit more by adding some new characters, like England’s Godiva and China’s August General In Irons (longest of wind name for a superhero….ever…), but things seem a bit more serious than they did back in the JLI’s heyday. That’s ok, though, because different is good in this case. Again, it’s everyone getting acquainted with each other and what they can do, where they stand, etc. Godiva comes off as a snob and Rocket Red has issues with the General and Guy Gardner is…well, Guy Gardner…..at least that hasn’t changed. The international team, consisting of Ice (Norway), Vixen, Fire (Brazil), Rocket Red (U.S.S.R), August General In Irons (China), Guy Gardner, and Godiva (England) led by….Booster Gold. Booster (without Skeets, sadly) seems a bit out of his element as the U.N. appointed team leader, so it’s lucky that Batman is tagging along to help. The art was ok….not bad, but nothing great either. I’m not familiar with Lopresti so I had no expectations of his work.  I’ll be getting this one for the story and character interaction over the art, anyway. All in all, I was pleased and will keep getting this book.

3. Mister Terrific: WriterEric Wallace/ArtGianluca Gugliotta. On this book, I wasn’t familiar with the artist or the writer. I knew just as much about the main character, as well. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Terrific, the self-professed ‘third smartest man in the world’ was once just Michael Holt, an olympic gold medalist who was worth over a billion dollars….all before the age of 30. His pregnant wife getting killed in an accident has him throwing himself into his science and planning suicide. Without giving too much away, he is visited by someone who tells him not to give up, to keep educating the world…and he listens. What’s an olympic level athlete who has more money than a small country to do? Why become a super hero, of course. I really liked the story, it seems like there are a lot of things in the works and some interesting secondary characters. The art reminded me of Joe Stanton….it had that sort of feel to it and I liked it more than Stanton’s (no offense, Joe). This is another one I’ll stick with for a bit.

I had planned on going through all eleven books in this post, but looking at the clock tells me that ain’t gonna happen. I’ll probably do three, maybe even, four books in the next post and break it up like that.

Three books….three thumbs up….so far.


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