Doctor? Doctor Who?

It’s been almost three months since I’ve posted anything here….slackerlicious!  Anyway, just posting that ‘I haven’t posted anything in a while’ doesn’t -really- constitute a blog post, in my opinion so I guess I’ll try to talk about something…..

How about some….

A few Saturday nights ago, we flipped over to BBC America and watched the season premier of “Doctor Who“.  I really enjoyed this new, younger, Doctor and his new, pushy, Scottish companion, Amy Pond. Well, the more I’ve been watching, the more I’ve been enjoying. Now, don’t be fooled into thinking I”m new to the time travelling, Gallifreyan…..oh no. Way back in the 70’s I spent many a late Saturday night watching Tom Baker’s incarnation of the Tardis Travelling Timelord. A couple of years ago, thanks to Netflix, I tried getting back into Doctor Who and starting with the new (at the time) Christopher Eccelston Doctor. I liked Eccelston well enough….then he regenerated into David Tennant and I didn’t care for Tennant’s version as much. Don’t get me wrong, Tennant wasn’t terrible and, the more I watch of him these days, the more I can appreciate his variation on  the character….but, at the time, he sort of turned me off of Doctor Who.

Well, now I’m going back (again) and trying to catch up on ‘The Doctor’ (I’m watching “The Visitation” as I type this..) and his adventures.

Will I enjoy these older episodes more this go round?

Only…..time….will tell. Now….cue the music!

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