The condiment post…..ketchup

Well, a lot has happened since my last post….in November…sheesh, how time flies. Our honeymoon at Disneyland was great and we had an awesome time. We stayed on site in the Caribbean Resort and, in my opinion, felt it was money well spent. The rooms were very nice and all we had to do to get anywhere was to hop on one of the buses that came by every 20 minutes, or so. If you go to the Land of the Mouse, and can afford to stay in one of their resorts….do so. You won’t regret it. That was about all (besides the wedding, of course) that happened in November.

In December, we celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple. We went and bought a real tree, decked the halls, and all that jazz. The only downside was that we weren’t able to go back to Kentucky to spend the holidays with my family, as we originally had planned. A few extra bills as well as the bad weather up north put the kibosh on that. We had a great time with Jackie’s family, as always, but I still missed my family.

January, the month of my birth, was a kick in the teeth, of sorts. We were told that the home we’ve been renting was going to be short sold by the owners and they needed to move back in. Ugh…I hate moving and the whole process of finding a place to live. To Jackie’s credit, she really tackled the problem full force and we probably looked at 10-15 places before fate smiled on us. A regular customer to the arcade told us she had a place she’s been trying to rent for a while now and at a price we were comfortable with paying. Well, after seeing it, we both really liked it, so we signed a lease and only had to pay first month’s rent and a security deposit which wasn’t bad as most places make you pay first, LAST, and security. Jackie did a bang up job painting the place before we moved in and really made it look like a home. We were quite fortunate because the whole process…from being told we had to move to finding a new place and moving in….only took about two weeks. For $25 more a month in rent, we have twice the space, a clubhouse, a pool, jacuzzi, exercise room, and library. The pool, in fact, I’ve been told is the largest in Vero Beach…and is heated. All in all, a good place to live.

Now it’s February and we’re settling into the new abode quite nicely. That being said, I hope to be more up to date on the blog in between setting up my “Man-Cave” and eating Chinese take out with my lovely bride =)

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