Take the ‘d’ out of ‘fund’ and what do ya have?

To say last week was a little eventful is a vast understatement……and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Most of the week was spent mad dashing around, doing final prep for the wedding/after party, and making honeymoon plans. Somehow, we managed to get everything done, have a wonderful wedding ceremony on the beach, and have a great time at Disney World.

Our wedding ceremony was small, only about 40 or so people…mostly Jackie’s family, with my mom (flying down from KY.) and Uncle (her brother who lives about a half hour away) on my side of the aisle.  The weather cooperated fairly well, a touch chilly, but nice, breezy, and sunny….so I can’t complain.

After the ceremony we all came back to the house for some awesome lasagna, salad, and rolls….all prepared by Jackie and her mother.  It was great stuff! We, actually, ordered our cake from the local grocery store’s bakery dept. and it turned out quite cute…and tasted very good, to boot.

Pulling off a small wedding on a small budget isn’t as hard as I expected.  Things were still nice and it gave us more funds to have more fun….at Disney! 🙂   More about that in my next post….

Cute cake

Just the right size for our ‘not quite reception’…

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