“It’s been one week…”

The title being from that……song…by…*ahem*…Bare Naked Ladies….you know….*cough*…the song….

Anywho, it has been about a week since I’ve posted anything to ye olde blog, so I guess I should put something up here.

How about some….Final Fantasy??!!??

Final Fantasy was, originally, released for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1987. It’s a fantasy RPG (role playing game, duh!) where you create your character, talk to townspeople for clues, fight monsters, gain experience, and gain levels. As you gain levels, the monsters get tougher but the rewards get better and the story continues. The game is pretty linear, meaning you have to complete task A before you can proceed to task B, etc. If your party of merry adventurers isn’t quite up to snuff, you’ll all be vanquished…..and then you’ll have to start all over. Well not “all over”, but from your last save point which can only be done at an Inn.

Ok, so you start off by being able to pick four characters from six ‘classes’…Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Black Mage, White Mage and Red Mage. Each class had their special ‘thing’….the Fighter could use any weapon and was tough, the Thief made it easier to run from a fight if needed, the Black Belt didn’t need weapons and his damage went up each level, the Black Mage used harmful magic to damage, the White mage used helpful magic to heal, and the Red Mage combined the Black and White mage (shouldn’t that have made him a Gray mage? hmmm), with a little of the Fighter thrown in….sort of a jack of all trades type.

After you formed your party, you would set out into the world and the plot would unfold. Apparently you were the “Light Warriors” who were foretold to bring “light” back to the world and vanquish the darkness….or something like that. I never really got that involved in the plot of the game, I just loved playing it. There was a ‘world map’ where, if you walked around, you would be attacked by random monsters. There were also dungeons where the random monster lurked at every turn. Defeating these random monsters would net you gold, items (such as potions) and, more importantly….experience points. Now, any nerd worth his salt has heard of experience points (or “XP”). It’s the stuff that makes you stronger, tougher, and gives you the ability to laugh at monsters who had you shaking in your chainmail at earlier levels.

Why are the ponies so mad??

Eight byte style throwdown!

You progress in this fashion, fighting monsters and getting xp until the end….where you’re ready to take on the final, big baddie….Garland!

I'd be mad too if I were named for a Christmas decoration.

Now, the thing I loved (and still do) about this game was that you could re-play it, using different party make-ups for different results. Sure, the plot was still the same but it was interesting to see how you could do things differently with different classes.

The most important thing about Final Fantasy (in video game terms) was that it launched a huge franchise with multiple sequels and even an MMO.  I could go on and on about the sequels and how much I loved the original game, but I’ll save you the ramblings and just put up a handy Wiki-pedia link here.  I still own the original game, by the way, maps and all and it was the main reason I still keep my original Nintendo game system around.

Sometimes, the old school is still cool….


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