The Good, the Bad, and the Left Wing….

The thing I love about the internet is that I can follow the daily musings of some of my favorite comic book writers and artists. The thing I -hate- about the internet is….that I can follow the daily musings of some of my favorite comic book writers and artists.

I’m not sure what the link is between creativity and liberalism and why some of the most prolific and talented seem to lean that way. I guess it goes to figure, though,…most of Hollywood are flaming liberals so why wouldn’t any other creative field, in this case comic books, be any different?

If the majority of the re-tweets from most of my Twitter pals is any indication, a lot of them seem to lean left. I had to un-follow Kevin Maguire, part of the creative team for one of my all time favorite comic series, Justice League International and Justice League Europe.  All he did was re-tweet the liberal agenda. Granted, I know he’s not on Twitter for my amusement only, but geez…take the stick out. I mean, hey, Dan Slott talks about food and Spider-Man all day, but I’d rather see that then what he thinks about Congress.

God bless you, Dan Slott!

I follow one of my favorite writers, Kurt Busiek, on Facebook and, while most of his posts revolve around baseball, he’ll throw in some liberal agenda talking point at times. Once I replied to one of his posts about some liberal article and, while he was pretty civil in explaining his point, I got dog piled by the rest of the fanboys. I really like Kurt’s writing and continue to follow him and he’s probably a pretty nice guy….just not the type of guy I’d want to talk politics with.  Don’t get me wrong, this is America and everyone has the right to express themselves as they feel they need to….but, sheesh, I just wish some of them weren’t so….out there, politically speaking.

Of course, I’m sure they could say the same about me…..


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