Mental calisthenics

I found a neat site through another blog I follow (thanks Dave!).  It’s called 100 Word Stories and the gist is they give you a subject and you write a short story using said subject in only 100 words.  I’m not sure how updated the site is, but thought the concept was very cool and a great exercise to keep the writing muscles in shape.

Expounding on this, I’ve been using a theme generator on the Seventh Sanctum site to do a few short stories using 100 words, more or less.  Usually more.

Here’s one I did a few days ago.  Nothing outstanding, mind you, but just something to keep the creative juices flowing.

Generated theme-Setting: western cyberpunk. Theme: rivalry story (100 words..about)

“You were the one who wanted to be a ‘slinger’,” sneered Greely….his handlebar moustache twitching with each word, “so’s plug in and get out there!”

“’Course I do but for show…..for pay….not…this way.” Azzy whined. “I’m a decent shot, but when yer playin’ to the crowds, ya got some wiggle room. This is fer real!”

Greely shook his head and snatchted the link cable from Azzy and deftly rammed it into the port in the side of the whiny gunslinger’s head. A slight jerk from Azzy confirmed the link had been established…he and the gun were one. “Now”, Greely said, “get yer rump out there and take care of business!”

A deep voice called out again from the street. “Come on Azzy….I’m waitin’ fer ya!” The glint of the high noon sun gleamed off the robotic skull of his rival. One of the two were going to be deleted…

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